Android Auto Integration to Qt and Yocto

There has been quite some time that I did not pay attention to my Media In the Box project. Since I am a fan of Qt and Yocto, there is so much that could be done with the project in order to better/best myself in embedded customer product development field. This weekend, finally I was able to motivate myself in doing something fresh with the project. And voila.. Android Auto in a QML window. Most of the credits go to people who take the time to implement the Android Auto protocol. I am using the protocol invented by them.

First, I started by integrating the Android Auto protocol to QML's VideoOutput. I got the inspiration from an older work at which I was able to show UDP streams with QML. The procedure is very similar. Then I have implemented libusb-based USB detector in order to detect when the phone is plugged in. Couple of graphical adjustments here and there and I'm very satisfied with the results. Spotify, Phone, WhatsApp, Google Maps all working great. To be able to integrate it to Media In The Box platform, I integrated the Android Auto protocol libraries to the Yocto layer I'm working on. I was able to do this integration to both Qt and Yocto in about two days time.

You can watch a short video here showing how Android Auto integration looks:

If you want to recall what I previously did with my Media In The Box project, please follow this link.

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