Ceviz - Custom Android device

It has been quite some time I have been looking for an affordable AOSP-available board to buy. Thanks to the good folks at Asus, we finally have ASUS Tinker Board 2, which comes with complete AOSP source available. I worked with a few Qualcomm custom AOSP boards (msm8996, sm8150) at my work place, yet this is my first hands-on Rockchip device (rk3399). It is no doubt a lot of fun using my professional experience in order to work on a personal project. You can check out my instructions how to get started with it from here

Up until right now, I was able to develop a custom launcher application and integrate it to AOSP using both Android.bp and Android.mk files. I also created system-domain and vendor-domain AIDL services to talk with each other, vendor-domain AIDL service talking to Linux drivers, while system-domain AIDL service talking to the custom launcher application. In order to complete the integration, I was able to define SEPolicy rules and was able to run the Android in enforcing mode.

The following block diagram shows what I have in place and what I want to have in my future work regarding Android/system implementations:

Here you can find the first part of the video series I am shooting in order to demonstrate the Ceviz device. In this one, you can see the visual customizations:

In addition, I created a HAL for my previous TEA5767 FM radio driver. Here is my complete presentation:

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