Ceviz - Android 11 AOSP SystemUI Customizations

In this weekend long work, I further improved the work I did on ASUS Tinkerboard 2. Here is a breakdown:

  • Created and integrated launcher application called CevizApp2 along with a layout library CevizLayout-core.
  • Customized navigation bar, status bar, action bar, and notifications through SystemUI and frameworks/base overlays and modification in WindowManager.
  • Designed main layout graphics.
  • Moved navigation bar to the right, added custom icons.
  • Created custom theme.
  • Enabled dark mode, translucent opacity mode.
  • Integrated kernel splash screen and HLOS boot animation.
  • Made the applications edge-to-edge to fit in overall design.
  • Created easy-to-use super partition flash and deploy scripts for Tinkerboard 2.
  • Customized overscroll effects, animations.




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