Google Chromecast Client on Qt and Yocto

I recently purchased a Mi TV Stick from Xiaomi in order to have some media in my working room. Of course, this was not the only intention. I intend to develop Android apps for it and possibly hack into AOSP if I can. This week, however, I did something different. I have used the Mi TV Stick in order to test how Media in the box behaves as a Chromecast client.

I started by investing possible Chromecast client work out there for a head start. Luckily, I found a beautiful C++ implementation by GitHub/rundong. You can check the implementation with this link: You can also find some of my build tweaks at:

Testing it out on my PC, I found out that in order to integrate it into my embedded devices, I will need to do some alterations. I got rid of the C++17 dependencies and created a qmake port. After that, I have created a QML plugin based on QAbstractListModel construct. Several hours developing the QML plugin and adjusting UI elements, I was able to integrate it to Media in the box project.

The project externally uses libavahi-client-dev and protobuf libraries. I will soon be integrating the entire project into the Yocto layers of the Media in the box project.

You can watch a short demonstration here:

If you want to recall what I previously did with my Media In The Box project, please follow this link.

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