FourDots: Handheld Gameboy Console based on custom hardware and custom Linux

Gameboy console based on Raspberry Pi Zero-based custom hardware and custom Yocto Linux distribution tailored to run OpenGL, Qt, SDL.

  • Built on top of ARMv6-based (single-core) BSP.
  • Main system features are developed and automated using Yocto Linux. Built distribution is custom and features Qt, SDL, OpenGL infrastructure for developing GPU-based applications.
  • Features Python-based custom application/service manager.
  • Involves customized fbtft drivers, button drivers, battery management and charging circuit.
  • Main application is built with Qt, multithreaded app runs on OpenGL using EGLFS plugin.
  • UI is built using Qt's markup language QML.
  • Gameboy application is built on top of gearboy project. This project adds user-space controls for input and sound management. Sound implementations still need reworks.
  • Features such as USB device detection, file filtering implemented as a module and integrated with the Qt/QML application.

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