IOTA Client: An Easy-to-use Home Automation Node with OLED Display

This project will be the client node of the Home Automation network I'm trying to create with my own possibilities. While the server node simply is a SBD with a touchscreen, a server and hotspot capability (also an Android phone might serve), the clients will be communicating with ESP8266-12 wifi modules and will be featuring an optocoupler and snubber protected relay to control house appliances. The client node will provide an OLED display and a rotary knob for control. This fun project not only uses open-source free software for its design (KiCad) and implementation (STM32, MDK-ARM), but also hopefully will enable people to be able to control gadgets in their home freely. Furthermore, I developed and continue developing the infrastructure and communication libraries with FreeRTOS, which is awesome to develop more scalable and reliable applications more easily.


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