NETZ: Yocto Linux-based Handheld Terminal

I see a great future in Yocto/Linux as the embedded world will inevitably shift to using Linux. This was my first try on such a work, currently I do this professionally. Here are some of the features of my initial handheld Linux device:

  • Supports ARMv6/RPi Zero W BSPs, however easily portable due to any device Yocto-Linux nature.
  • Comes with full-fletched SDK for cross-compilation projects, with GPIO library and Qt library included
  • Yocto-based completely new Linux distribution that is based on PREEMPT-RT based Real-time Kernel
  • Qt (or Qt for Embedded) supported for both X11 and LinuxFB (Framebuffer) versions
  • TFT screen drivers compiled, device tree generated for framebuffer access in the early boot.
  • Shows a nice splash screen on the framebuffer for the TFT.
  • Board is designed in KiCad. Needs revisions. Battery sockets, protection circuit, charging circuit and battery measurement circuits will be included.
  • Example app is developed with Qt with backend (POSIX Realtime + GPIO) and frontend layers (Qt & QThreads).
  • GPIO drivers are improved, activity led is redicrected to the one on the printed circuit board.
  • Also added Camera & OpenCV drivers for possible Raspicam-related work
  • USB device detection and mount point redirection made possible. See here
  • ..many more likewise work is made possible with Yocto..

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