pulseBoard: Spartan-6 based FPGA DevKit

This is KiCad design that I was able to create from start to finish over a weekend. Although there are already some really good FPGA DevKits available, I wanted to create one that exactly matches what I need for the time being. Board features are listed below:

  • Spartan-6 XC6SLX9 in TQG144 package.
  • 512K x 8 SRAM provided through CY7C1049DV33 chip.
  • Spartan-6 configured in SPI Flash Mode (M0=1 M1=0). See this. SPI Flash provided via Windbond W25Q32JVSS 4KB NOR Flash.
  • 10-bit 5V tolerant I/O provided through TI's SN74CBTD3861 chip.
  • 8 debug LED's.
  • Standard Xilinx JTAG connector (IDC header).
  • 30-bit direct FPGA I/O.
  • High current through USB3.0 receptacle.

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