Experiments with Qt 3D Studio

I experimented with Qt 3D Studio in order to create cluster & infotainment animations regarding visualization of driver assistance applications. This is a single Sunday project in which I was able to watch some webinars online and do my own application. 3D car model is courtesy of Free3D website. Qt lets you import .fbx models and manipulate scene elements from QML. I was also able to add Qt controls for some of the animations.

After creating such animations, I was able to port my work to Yocto in order to run on my Jetson Nano board. To do this, I have integrated ogl-runtime recipe from more recent branches into the layer I'm working on. End result is quite astonishing on Jetson Nano. It almost runs OpenGL animation as fast as my PC.

Since gif's here will not be smooth as seeing OpenGL runtime with naked eye, you can go ahead and see the full videos right here:

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