Modeling and Controlling a Quadcopter

Me and my colleague Jared have developed a model of a quadcopter and its sensor network using Simscape, then went through hoops to control it using some inputs. This work has been completed as a course project for the Control Systems course in Fh Dortmund, and it was really fun developing such a huge Simulink model. I've taken the liberty of designing a GUI for that afterwards. We are now able to control it using trajectory inputs as well as velocity and direction control.

Here are some image from our presentation.

It is really a huge block diagram, so this is just the black-box of our block diagram..

Our quadcopter model (just a black-box view)

We were able to introduce the wind draft (wind "effect") to the model as well, so here are some examples of the tests we did..

First, a stabilization test; position input is (0, 0, 0); but due to the dynamical model of the model, there is a little reaction time to catch up to the input.

Moving in a direction, then going to a point goal; (with a 2 second disturbance between t = 4-6sec)

Finally, a trajectory containing 4 waypoints; (Note that the waypoint transitions can be made smoother by adjusting the epsilon neightborhood value we created, in this example it is 0.5 meters)

The responses for this trajectory control (theoretical results) are given below;

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