WiFi-MQTT Remote Controller

WiFi-MQTT Remote Controller allows you to control every IoT device using WiFi communication (TCP/MQTT transport). It is used currently to control our previous project retro-clock v2.

  • Features Espressif's one of the latest wireless modules, ESP-12F, which features revised antenna for better reception.
  • Board designed using KiCad, considering integrated wi-fi module, battery circuitry, OLED display, ON-OFF switch, and control buttons.
  • Software is power-efficient. It goes into low power mode when not used by switching off the WiFi chip and slowing down the MCU operations.
  • System consumes 0.028A on low power mode, whereas it uses around 0.120A when fully loaded.
  • WiFi-MQTT Remote Controller is able to publish and subscribe to MQTT topics from around WiFi devices.

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