Visual Embedded Android (AOSP) with Drawings and Practice

  • Understand embedded Android and Linux software stacks
  • Get around with Android 11 source code and Soong (Android.bp) build system
  • Use ASUS Tinkerboard 2 and run Android 11 on it , completely from the source.
  • Create AIDL interfaces, native C++ Android services, create test applications
  • Port existing Android Java applications to Soong (Android.bp build system
  • Understand AOSP folder layout, partitions
  • Understand and work with SELinux policies
  • Flash images confidently using fastboot tool
  • Talk to embedded device confidently using adb tool
  • Run CTS tests
  • Log and dump Android system information
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Visual Embedded Linux Training

Mustafa Ozcelikors Youtube Channel

Since the mids of 2022, I am doing content creation regarding visual embedded Linux training. I believe visual explanations are great motivators when it comes to learning stuff. In my videos, I use graphics and drawings in order to explain complex topics and make them simple as much as I can. I will include some of my videos here. If you would like to see more, you can visit my Youtube channel.

Episode 16: Android (AOSP) Source Code Explained
Episode 15: Code Compilation with GCC for beginners, GCC command line options
Episode 14: Android System Architecture
Episode 13: V-Model Simply Explained
Episode 12: Yocto Project | Flashing image, Serial port configuration, Initial bring-up
Episode 11: Yocto Project | Patching U-boot using Devtool
Episode 10: Yocto Project | Patching Devicetree & Linux Kernel using Devtool
Episode 9: Yocto Project | Creating BSP layer and machine configuration
Episode 8: Yocto Project | Adding new layers to Poky for Tinkerboard image
Episode 7: Yocto Project | Hands-on Minimal Image Building and Poky
Episode 6: Yocto Project | ASUS TinkerBoard 2, Introduction to Yocto Project and Poky
Episode 5: Advantages of Yocto Project
Episode 4: Talking with Embedded Linux & Cross Compilation
Episode 3: Linux Hardware & Linux Boot Process
Episode 2: Linux System Architecture
Episode 1: Why Embedded Linux?

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